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A place for Course Creators and Membership Owners to go for clarity, support & encouragement.

This membership group is all about course creators and membership owners having a safe place to talk the "launch talk": brainstorm ideas, get feedback on their launch plans, and learn tips, strategies and processes to implement in their course/membership.

✔   Join a group of course creators (and membership owners) who think like you do!
✔   Ask your questions, vent your pre-launch jitters, brainstorm, and get feedback from others in the same boat
✔   Access trainings, expert talks, downloads all made to make your "launch life" smoother and easier.

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“I must have asked Shalva 5,000 questions. Even though I’m in marketing, there were too many factors for me to take into account. Things that overwhelmed me — she had so much clarity and strategic advice about them. You come to her with a complicated question and she just has an intelligent, clear answer. For every stage of the launch, every budget, every amount of time you want to invest. 
She takes into account every single aspect of the launch. I came away with clarity and calm and so much time saved trying to figure things out on my own. I was well-equipped for my launch — there was no scrambling. I 3x my sales goal. I recommend her to other course creators all the time. You have questions? Shalva has the answers.”

– Chana Greenstein, Work Life Balance + Productivity Coach