“It was always a struggle to get people to sign up despite extensive advertising. With our last launch we followed the advice and suggestions of Mrs. Rosenberg, who was available to answer all our questions about every aspect of the launch. All advice was very practical and given very clearly, with step by step instructions when necessary. The results spoke for themselves, as the number of people who registered was nearly 3x the average of previous courses. I now feel better equipped to deal with any challenges involved in future launches.”

— Rabbi Saberski, Halocho Workshop

“Nearly 3x the number of registrants”

You’re a course creator working on your launch. 
Or, maybe you’ve already launched and it wasn't as successful as you’d hoped.

You were already in shoulder-deep when you realized whoa, this is harder than I thought. 

You don’t want to give up. Because you've poured so much into this.
And because you know courses are incredibly profitable:

‣ You make 4x the amount of money in half the time (or 10x — you choose)  
‣ You can teach 1:100 (instead of repeating yourself 100 times)
‣ You scale your business with ease (just tweak and repeat)

"I didn't realize this would be so complicated!"

You want to move forward, but how?

You’re stuck. You have 34,875 questions.

What's my next step?
What tech should I use?
How do I grow my audience?
Do I need an email list?
How can I increase sign-ups?
Why is my advertising not working?
What am I doing wrong?
What if nobody buys my course?

You’re passionate about your topic. You want to share it with the world.
But you can’t move forward through the confusion and overwhelm.

Shalva Rosenberg here, ready to guide you through the so-many-moving-pieces process.

I help you create and launch — or improve — your course through 1:1 coaching.

I’ll walk you through every single step of your course launch, teaching you a proven framework. (A framework you can use to launch again and again. And again.)

You don’t have to go it alone.

What if you had a clear way forward? What if you knew exactly what your next steps were?
What if you had a course launch expert who you could turn to with all your burning questions?

Good News.

Meet your course "Waze".


Ready to scale,
but not sure what to teach?

This free guide will help you find the topic you'd be fabulous at teaching in an online course, membership or live-coaching group.

“Shalva is a wiz when it comes to the technicalities and nitty gritties of setting up an online course and getting it launched. She takes out all the stress of setting up the backend of the course, and is super efficient and easy to work with. I can’t imagine trying to figure everything out on my own; how to set up the platform, the payment, the advertising… Shalva helps you plan it all - and SO WELL!” 

— A.L., Lactation Consultant

“I can’t imagine trying to figure it out on my own”

‣ One course creator tripled enrollment
‣ One course creator raised their price — and doubled their revenue
‣ One course creator built their email list from 67 to 400+ in just 2 weeks
‣ One course creator filled every single spot on their beta launch

I’ve helped course creators (like you!) achieve their goals

"Shalva is a team player. She brings a go-getter attitude, strategic mindset, and lots of bravery to the table. All this is shared in her easy-going, positive way. She helped us fill all our spots on the beta launch!
With Shalva at the helm, you will get to the finish line on time."

— Alte Raskin, creator of #Momentum Mastermind

“Filled all our spots“

Using the best tech for you and your budget

Tight budget? Not tech-savvy? No worries. 
With an array of tech in my arsenal, we’ll choose the solution that works for you.

“Shalva is a powerhouse. Deeply strategic and insanely knowledgeable on everything launching, she'll set BIG goals for your launch and help you hit them (and then some!) Driven and professional, you want Shalva on your ‘dream team.’” 

— Shaindy Feldbrand, Course Creator

“Deeply strategic, insanely knowledgeable, and professional”


Ready to scale,
but not sure what to teach?

This free guide will help you find the topic you'd be fabulous at teaching in an online course, membership or live-coaching group.

After every strategy call, I’ll send you a neat Summary & Next Steps document with the key takeaways and action items. Ask me any questions that come up as you implement the next steps.

6 — Optimize + tweak for next time

What's next?

I can’t wait to meet you! Because I won't take you on if I think your course won't succeed, we’ll first discuss your course and goals. This 15-minute call is on the house. 😊




Depending on where you are in the course creation process, I’ll recommend a package for you. (See below for the options.) Through 1:1 coaching, we’ll get you clear on your next steps.

I walk you through the tried-and-true course creation and launch process: 

1 — Validate your idea

2 — Hone in on your audience + build your email list

3 — Outline your course content

4 — Strategize your launch

5 — Deliver your course

We’ll bridge the gap between you and your course goals





A peek at the cheat sheets, checklists, and goodies

To help you get clarity and confidence, I give you actionable, bite-sized, clear documents.
Here’s a little peek:

“Use Shalva. She’s a wellspring of knowledge where course launches are concerned. As a copywriter, I tapped into her expertise for tips on optimizing a launch calendar, and to get a list of critical copy components required for a successful launch. It was immediately obvious that she understands the psychology behind a launch, what is a priority and what isn’t, and the ideal timing and spacing of different promotions like email and webinars. I walked away from her consult confident on how to proceed and awed by her know-how. And besides, for her great insight, Shalva is friendly, personable, and a pleasure to work with!”

— Sara Peltz, Email & Landing Page Copywriter

“Walked away confident and awed”


Ready to scale,
but not sure what to teach?

This free guide will help you find the topic you'd be fabulous at teaching in an online course, membership or live-coaching group.

“I must have asked Shalva 5,000 questions. Even though I’m in marketing, there were too many factors for me to take into account. Things that overwhelmed me — she had so much clarity and strategic advice about them. You come to her with a complicated question and she just has an intelligent, clear answer. For every stage of the launch, every budget, every amount of time you want to invest. 
She takes into account every single aspect of the launch. I came away with clarity and calm and so much time saved trying to figure things out on my own. I was well-equipped for my launch — there was no scrambling. I 3x my sales goal. I recommend her to other course creators all the time. You have questions? Shalva has the answers.”

— Chana Greenstein, Work Life Balance + Productivity Coach

“So much clarity”

What do we discuss on our calls?

We’ll discuss the how:

We’ll discuss what you need:

Every package includes a strategy call, so here's what you can expect to discuss:

How should you teach your course?
How should you host your webinar?
How should you write your emails?
How should you engage with your audience? 

What course content do you need?
What marketing assets do you need?
What emails?
What sales pages?
What social media content?
What website pages?

We’ll discuss the when:

When should the emails go out?
When should you post on social media?
When should you invest in print ads?
When should you launch and when should you close your doors?

“I worked on a course launch and it wasn’t as profitable as we expected. We knew there were problems but needed help finding and fixing them. I recommended bringing Shalva on board because I knew this is her area of expertise. As the course’s copywriter, I joined the consultation calls and saw firsthand how Shalva is on top of her game. She took a holistic view of the course and helped tweak it for success. Shalva is level-headed, professional, and has the unique ability to look at the full picture. She’s clearly the authority on course launches. Her service is excellent, I recommend her 100%. She’ll take you from 0 to 50, or 50 to 100 — to the success your course material deserves!”

— Miriam Nowosiolski, Copywriter

“the authority on course launches”

More clarity, more signups, more revenue

Imagine where you could be in just several weeks from today:

  • You filled every spot in your course
  • You have money in your bank account from your course
  • You’re teaching a group of excited, committed students from around the world
  • You received a student’s email thanking you for your course that changed their life
  • You keep getting asked when you’re launching again because people want in

If you are so done with the overwhelm and confusion and you’re ready to plan, launch and sell your course with ease — let’s talk to see if we’re a fit.


Ready to scale,
but not sure what to teach?

This free guide will help you find the topic you'd be fabulous at teaching in an online course, membership or live-coaching group.

“Our course did not take off as we imagined it would. Our content was great. We had a fabulous copywriter. We had a marketing agency. But after a full year, we still weren't seeing the results we expected! 
So we brought Shalva on board because she has expertise in courses specifically — and she helped get our first sales and majorly grow our email list. 
At first I was doubtful she would be helpful, as we had a talented team working on the course but she blew us away with her keen understanding of the nuances in course launches. Shalva is clear, decisive, and thorough. It was an all around pleasant experience and I highly recommend her to other course creators — you need someone like her. Getting all the pieces together is hard. I wish I‘d reached out to Shalva earlier!”

— CEO, Creator of Discover the Gift of ADHD

“blown away by her keen understanding”

Free guide

Ready to scale your business

but not sure what you'd teach?